Chisel Cigar Shape Trademark

Yup, that’s right. Litto Gomez has trademarked the chisel shape in a cigar. As far as I or Cigar Aficionado know this is the first time that a cigar shape (vitola) got trademarked.

Here’s some of the story from CA:

The La Flor Dominicana Chisel, one of the strongest and most original cigars on the market, is now protected by a trademark. Cigarmaker Litto Gomez, who created the Chisel shape in 2003, received acceptance for his trademark application on April 4. The trademark for the Chisel shape is retroactive to 2006, and will be valid until 2016.

“I thought it was a long shot,” Gomez told Cigar Aficionado in an interview yesterday. “They rejected it four or five times—we kept trying.”

While not a goof on Litto Gomez’s part, when I first heard about this I immediately thought about this (watch the whole thing):

Now, I love the La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero Chisel (Natural Review and Maduro Review) but this just seems wrong. Even though there haven’t been a proliferation of chisel shaped cigars there are some and I liked the Man O’ War Special Project 52-C, which is a chisel shape. Does this mean these cigars will cease to exist? Maybe not, as long as they can make a deal with Mr. Gomez.

I appreciate the fact that the chisel shape is unique but I don’t think if another cigar maker comes out with a great chisel shaped cigar it would hurt Litto Gomez’s cigars in any way. They are legendary and, speaking for myself, I will always cherish the chisel shape. Now, I guess I’m limited in my chisel options.

The chisel’s raison d’être is the fact that it smokes extremely well. I have never had one with a bad draw or burn. For whatever physical reason these cigars just smoke awesomely. And now? Oh well.

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