La Casita Criolla Cigar Review

This is another cigar from Tatuaje. That might have sounded a little bit like complaining but, trust me, it’s not. If you’re going to be a company that puts out a lot of new cigar lines then you could do worse than try to emulate Tatuaje’s model.

I think the La Casita Criolla line came out about the same time as the Fausto; don’t check me on that, just nod along. Besides both being Tatuaje cigars there is little comparison, taste-wise at least, between the two. The Fausto is a powerhouse and this isn’t. I’m definitely not saying that this is a bad cigar, it’s just different.

Some medium sized veins streak across the wrapper like falling stars on an old catcher mitt-colored sky. It’s oily to the touch and is packed evenly. Quality construction is one of Tatuaje’s trademarks and this cigar does not fall short.

Cigar Stats
Vitola: Corona Gorda
Length: 5 5/8″
Ring Gauge: 46
Wrapper: 100% Broadleaf
Binder: 100% Broadleaf
Filler: 100% Broadleaf
Price: $145.00/Box of 25 | $5.85/Single

Phrasing Fire!

The flavors for this cigar start out solidly dry. Leather, cream and a minute amount of sweetness. There’s also some graham cracker playing around in the background. The flavors are above average but the burn line did stray quite a bit in the beginning, which surprised me because that didn’t happen with the previous four of these that I smoked.

It’s definitely one of those easy going, unobtrusive cigars. You’ll start smoking it and find yourself relaxed, sitting by the dock of the bay watching the tide roll away. That’s great but it’s not everything.

My major problem with this cigar is that it doesn’t meld well with what I look for in a cigar. Even though that is true I can still appreciate it for what it is. There isn’t a lot of evolution in this cigar (I don’t think that matters all that much).

The final two thirds of the cigar are pretty much the same as the first third. There might be a little more graham cracker but, overall, it’s a consistent cigar flavor-wise. It’s a medium bodied cigar with a good draw and, despite the poor burn in the beginning of this cigar, over the course of trying five of these cigars I’ve found that the burn is good as well. If you like medium bodied cigars with a dry, leather flavor profile you will probably like this cigar.

90 points

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