Chubbys Maduro Short Cigar Review

Full Disclosure: The cigar comes from Cuban Stock. All review are my own.

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Maduro Special   |   Binder: Dominican   |   Filler: Dominican   |   Single MSRP: $7.90   |   Perfecto   |   6″ x 60

0/3: That’s a lot of missing information and if I get that information I will put it up ASAP. I looked for that information for more than half an hour and it just isn’t anywhere. (Updates made) Alright, now onto the cigar.

It is misshapen. The head sort of ends up as a nipple and the foot, if I look at the profile the right way, either looks like a bottle nosed dolphin’s head. It has a dark wrapper with some moderate veins running from head to foot. The feel is slightly soft and there are some oils on the wrapper.

1/3: I once did a review on a Chubbys Ultimate and didn’t care for it that much. It’s an alright cigar but just didn’t do it for me.

This one is starting out earthy, bitter, grassy and there’s this salty aftertaste. Everything but the salty aftertaste is… alright.

After the burn line gets comfortably over the shoulder, which takes about an inch, the flavors become earthier with chocolate and coffee. It’s actually decent.

2/3: The second third is a regression, sort of like a decent tv show that just becomes dumb after the first season. Saltiness is back and there is this hot chocolate flavor that tastes like it has been thinned out with water.

3/3: It’s all washed out now. The only flavor that is making any kind of impact is saltiness. Washed out earth and chocolate make up the bulk of the remaining flavors.

4/3: A big part of me wanted to like this cigar but that just wasn’t in the cards. There wasn’t much intensity of flavor even at the best of times and for the remainder the flavors were the cigar equivalent of mud puddles. Medium bodied, with a good draw and burn, which is the best thing I can say about this cigar.

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