Sol Cubano Cuban Cabinet Churchill – Cigar Review

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Cigar Stats
Length: 7″
Ring Gauge: 47
Wrapper: Nicaragua
Binder & Filler: Nicaragua and Honduras
Approximate Price: $5.75

Decent construction – there are a couple of stretch marks on the cigar which makes me worry about how well the cigar will draw because if a cigar is rolled too tightly there is an increased chance that the draw will be tight. There are also some raised veins and the color of the cigar is medium brown.

Da Flame!

The draw, as I feared, is a little tight. There is some spice coming through. Mild-medium bodied. Overall, it has weak flavors. Very little smoke.

A couple inches in now and it is still a very bland cigar. There’s some spice and it’s a little sweet. The draw only gets tighter. This has to be at least partially responsible for the bland flavors.

It doesn’t even burn evenly. About halfway through the cigar actually gets a little sour. Still very boring and the draw just gets worse. What can I say? I’m just disappointed with this cigar.

Near the end it becomes a better cigar. The draw opens up and the spice and sweetness sing true. But it’s way too little way too late. Avoid this cigar.

81 points

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