AFGL: Breitbart, The Knot & Fantasy Baseball

A Few Good Links for this week covers the shocking and sad news that Andrew Breitbart is dead at 43, The Knot Irish something-or-another liquor and how I wound up on a fantasy baseball league.

1. Andrew Breitbart was at the tip of the spear of the conservative movement, especially where pop culture and the Tea Party are concerned. Whenever I saw him on a show I would stop and watch it because he was such an interesting personality. He made me laugh, think, get mad and then laugh again.

Here is a link to some remembrances.

2. If you happen to find yourself in your local liquor store in the Irish Whiskey section and you see a bottle named The Knot don’t buy it. It’s not really whiskey, it doesn’t say so on the bottle, but I, like a moron, bought a bottle. It had to be one of the most unnaturally sweet things I have tasted in a long time. Literally sickening.

Until I write a review on it take a look at this one.

3. I was reading a baseball blog the other night and found myself looking at a post about how they were accepting applicants for their fantasy league; all you had to do was leave a comment that convinced the league’s commissioner (manager?) that you had what it takes to stand your ground in this league of crazy baseball nuts. That and the fiscal solvency to pay the $100 entrance fee.

Mildly amused and feeling larkish, I decided to write some bull about how I haven’t played fantasy baseball in a couple of years (actually longer than that) but I can bring that nostalgic, smoke filled, back room feel to their draft. Evidently, that worked. I received an email last night telling me that I had been selected. This is pretty much how I felt (jump to 1:13 to see what I mean):

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