Humo Jaguar Short Cigar Review

Wrapper: Honduran Vio Oscuro   |   Binder: Honduran La Ermita (Talanga)   |   Filler: Honduran   |   Box of 20: $165.00 | 5 Pack: $43.00   |   Toro   |   6″ x 60

Disclaimer: Received this as a sample from Jason Wood at Miami Cigar. All reviews are my own.

0/3: Big cigar. I’m wary of big cigars. Sometimes the draw just gets too loose and the flavors disappear. Sometimes the burn will get way out of whack. Whatever the case, maybe it’s just a new kind of phobia; this cigar is one I have actually been looking forward to smoking for many months now.

According to the information from Jason this cigar is made by the Plasencia family and was the winner of the Honduran Cigar Festival’s blind tasting. And they didn’t just beat out a couple of other cigar makers they beat every last cigar maker in Honduras.

One thing about the band. The “g” in Jaguar is red. Also, there are some squiggly white lines that must represent smoke but, to me, they look more like spectral ectoplasm from one of those really old horror movies. Not pertinent information, I know, but I found it interesting.

There are a lot of minor veins on the wrapper with a couple of medium to large sized veins as well. It is quite oily with a matte brown color to the wrapper. It smells like crap a barnyard. There’s also this sharp spicy, sweet smell to the foot.

1/3: It’s a good cigar during this third. While there isn’t a ton of complexity there is that sharp spice buttressed by a healthy portion of oak. There is this mature, grain sweetness that lingers on the retrohale. The draw is good and the burn is straight. Slightly above the medium bodied range.

2/3: The second third is pretty much a continuation of the first third with the exception that the spice has taken on a more peppery flavor to it. Not a lot of evolution in the flavor profile here but I’m still liking this cigar.

3/3: Burnt wheat is the best way to describe this last third. Not horrible but not as good as the first two thirds. Oak also comes through slightly. During this third the burn goes a little haywire and requires a couple touch ups.

4/3: Taken in its totality this cigar was pretty good. Not a lot of evolution in the flavor profile but there are some good flavors in there and they work well together. The draw was good throughout for this medium bodied cigar and, save near the end, the burn was pretty good.

3.5 points

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