AFGL: Bans & Black Market

A Few Good Links for this week include three different stories about cigar bans and a review of the Alec Bradley Black Market Gordo.

1. I went to Cal State Fullerton for college and I currently work there so I was one of the first people to read this:

The Academic Senate today (Feb. 23) unanimously approved a resolution to ban all smoking on campus. The resolution will next move to Interim Presdient Willie Hagan, who was among the faculty, staff and administrators who voted for the measure. If instituted, Cal State Fullerton would become the first CSU campus to be totally smoke free.

Yeah for us! We’re trailblazers – wait, no, we have to find a euphemism for “blazers” because I think that has something to do with burning. Any ideas?

2. The Stogie Guys did a story about all the Anti-Tobacco Madness and one of their stories particularly caught my eye. The headline was “Public Health Official: Smoking is More Dangerous than Suicide” but that was a little misleading. Here’s what the health official actually said:

“First, smoking is the single most harmful thing we can voluntarily do to our bodies,” [Director of the Miami University Student Health Center Dr.] Calkins said. “It is most definitively the most dangerous thing one person can choose to partake in.”

Alright, sure, saying that smoking is the worst thing a person can do to their bodies implicitly implies that Calkins thinks it’s worse than suicide and murder and being an Iranian nuclear physicist but what really got to me was that in the span of 30 words he had to use “most” three times. That’s ten percent of the time! I hear smoking helps with mental acuity, maybe the good doctor should consider it.

(P.S. This story was about hookah smoking.)

3. Charleston, South Carolina might be losing its last cigar bar soon. The cigar bar, which was grandfathered in thanks to its unique location (second story over a cigar shop), has an obstinate landlord and will be losing its lease soon. And according to the current law if they lose their location they are out of business; do not pass go, do not collect $200. What do the city’s lawmakers think about this situation? “Tough” seems to be the majority sentiment coming from the grand poobahs of the Southern town.

4. Tom reviews an Alec Bradley Black Market and was indifferent about it. Good review. I think his biggest problem with the cigar was that the draw was tight throughout. That sucks and is detrimental to any cigar.

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