5 Vegas Miami Churchill – Cigar Review

Cigar Stats
Length: 7″
Ring Gauge: 48
Wrapper: Nicaragua (corojo)
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua, Dom. Rep.
Approximate Price: $9.00

Alright, this is a fairly expensive cigar so it better be good!

Looks like a very well made cigar and it has a good amount of oils. There really isn’t anything not to like about the way this thing looks. Perfect.


Full disclosure: Usually I drink Wild Turkey and a Cherry Coke when I smoke a cigar. Tonight, I am drinking a Ricardo’s Red Rocket Ale from Bear Republic. I went to BevMo looking to see how large their selection of whiskey is nowadays, which is paltry, and bought a six pack of Bear Republic beer. The flavors of this beer are fairly strong (supposedly it got 95 points from some group though).

Now onto the cigar!

Loads of spice and tobacco at first. Good draw. Fairly strong cigar. Hint of molasses as well. Standing up well to the beer.

This cigar is staying true an inch in. Very good cigar. It isn’t a great cigar because there is this faint but easily perceptible harshness underlying every puff.

And then things fall apart. I just smoked this cigar a couple of days ago and the experience is still pretty fresh in my mind. Either the cigar just went bad or the flavor of the beer just overpowered the cigar. My guess is that the cigar actually went bad.

I only had one beer for the whole hour+ it took me to smoke the cigar. I wasn’t getting that much of a bias from the taste of the beer.

The spice from the cigar remained strong even though the harshness took over. It does burn very evenly. And even though there is a lot of harshness the flavors that are coming through are enjoyable.

What was good about this cigar was mostly overshadowed by what was bad. In the end it was just too harsh for my liking. I vacillated between giving this cigar a score anywhere between an 83 and an 87. In the end I just couldn’t say that this was a good cigar – solely due to the harshness of it.

84 points

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