Dalmore Cigar Malt Reserve

Full Disclosure: I received this as a sample from a marketing firm attached to the manufacturer. All my reviews are my own.

I had just finished watching Red Riding Hood and turned it to regular television to see the very end of Blades of Glory when I realized that I needed a drink. I don’t know whether it was the awful movies that pushed me to the bottle or just that it was the right time of night to be drinking but here I am. A couple of weeks ago I received this 100mL sample of Dalmore Cigar Malt Reserve and have been wanting to try it for a while.

And now I have tried it. I took a sip and I wasn’t impressed. First, there was a distinct alcohol smell to it and there was also this fruity smell to it as well. My first sip was one of those “ho-hum” type of moments. Fruity flavors are evident and I would categorize this as being a sweet drink. The aftertaste isn’t that good either; a little harsh.

I’m not a big Scotch drinker but most of the other Scotches I have tried I liked more. In fact, I have this bottle of The Macallan 12 Year staring at me with a sly little smirk on its face as if to say “See what happens when you drink other Scotches?” Whereas The Macallan is smooth with warm flavors the Dalmore is harsh with light, piercing flavors.

After a few sips I light a Padilla Miami (not the one I’m linking to), great cigar. Fortunately the drink isn’t affecting my enjoyment of it but, actually, enhancing it. The flavors in this Dalmore are light with a bit of sweetness and the Dalmore is refreshing my palate. Didn’t expect that to happen.

I’m not a big fan of Scotch but this is an okay drink. After drinking it a little my senses have dulled enough to make the Dalmore smoother and the flavors aren’t bad.

Now that I have finished drinking and have had some time to reflect on my experience I’m left with the conclusion that this is a drink I can do without. Even though the Dalmore Cigar Malt Reserve did enhance the flavors of the cigar I do not think that’s enough to overcome my negative feelings towards this cigar.

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