Thanksgiving Cigar

Hi everybody. I know that Thanksgiving was yesterday and that I should have left you all a message wishing you a happy Turkey Day but I didn’t because I was having too much fun with my family and also enjoying a great cigar.

But first, what I am thankful for. First and foremost, my family. They are great people and deserve every last ounce of praise given to them. Secondly, God. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to have such a wonderful life. Thirdly, America. Without living in the greatest country to have ever graced Earth I would not have anywhere near as good a life as I do now.

Now onto the more jovial topics.

The food was great. We went over to my cousin’s house (they are nearly twenty years older than me) and we had some great food. Then we came home and I had a wonderful torpedo from Rocky Patel’s Sun Grown line. I gave it 92 points and you should be seeing the review sometime soon.

Anything else? No, not really. The season finale of Sons of Anarchy, my favorite new show, was on Wednesday. It’s a double-edged sword having favorite shows on cable because while they usually do touch on more risque topics it is also true that their seasons are also shorter then shows on network television.

But seeing all that I am thankful for, and it is a lot, I can easily live with only getting a dozen episodes of a good show every year. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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