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HyperinflationChances are that if you have shopped for cigars online you have come across some deal sites (or pages) for cigars. There are also email specials that can offer good value from time to time but, for the purposes of this post, I will focus on the actual sites/pages. Here is a list of the pages that I visit to find good deals online.

Cigar Monster

This site, powered by Famous Smoke Shop, has three distinct parts to it: cigar deals, accessory deals and a name your own price for cigars section. First, the cigar deals page is actually one of the more complicated deal systems around. A new cigar, a sampler pack or a box of cigars is available either every hour or couple of hours depending on the time of day (during the night a cigar can last four hours or so on this page). The time is set by the proprietor and is easily visible on the actual page. In addition to this, every deal gets lumped in together in what they call the Cigar Monster Mash-up for one hour at 11 a.m. and 11 p.m. and all the deals of the week get put into a mash-up every Friday for the whole day. These mash-ups also include the deals on accessories for the appropriate time periods.

If the deal is really good chances are the deal will get sold out so the more often you check in on the site the better your chances are of picking up a cigar that you like. More often than not, however, the cigars featured on this site tend to be more of the value variety. You will not find many rare cigars here nor very many high priced cigars. On occasion I have picked up some Camacho Triple Maduros, Joya de Nicaragua Antanos and some other pretty great cigars from this site but don’t expect those deals to pop up every day or even every week.

The last part of this site is the name your own price section. It works as it sounds: you put in a price, go through the whole check out process and then, after you have done all that work, you find out whether or not they have accepted your offer. Many of these items are boxes but there are also single cigars up to bid on. On this section of the site you are more likely to find more sought after cigars… as long as they are still available. Unfortunately, the better cigars have a penchant for getting themselves sold out very early on in the Cigar Monster day, which starts at midnight EST. The best strategy to use for this site is to pick out the price you are willing to pay for that cigar and then subtract some money from that, preferably an amount that you are sure they won’t accept. And then, once they have rejected your first bid, go up in small increments: $1 increments for boxes and smaller increments for singles (maybe as low as $0.10, I’m not sure of the exact amount but that’s what I would go with). After going through the checkout process the first time it will go more quickly each successive time you try a bid.

My problem with this kind of deal is that unless you are in complete control of your emotions you might be tempted to go over the amount you are willing to pay for that cigar. And Heaven forbid you pay more than you could have paid somewhere else – that would just be stupid. But I’m sure it happens. So, before you start bidding on a cigar make sure that you know how much you can buy it for somewhere else.

One note of caution about this site and especially for the name your own price section of it: unless the product has a UPS picture on it then you do not receive free shipping. Without free shipping some of these “deals” evaporate into thin air. So make sure that you get free shipping. If you do find a product that doesn’t have free shipping then you can put it in your cart and wait for the rest of the day to find a product on that site or on that does have free shipping. When you purchase a product without free shipping in conjunction with a product that does have free shipping your whole order will ship for free unless you are ordering a special item (usually you cannot get free shipping when ordering a humidor).

Joe Cigar

This site is a little more straightforward than the aforementioned Cigar Monster in that it mostly behaves like a traditional deal of the day site. Most days it is just that: deal of the day. On Tuesdays they have the “2-fer Tuesday”, which, as far as I can tell, is doubling up on the savings for an everyday-type smoke. Most days you will find that this site has one cigar (sometimes in a five pack, sometimes ten, sometimes twenty) on a deal and they always have free shipping, which is nice.

But then there are those special days when there is a Jam going on. Basically, Cigars International, the parent of Joe Cigar, will put out a cigar on a deal and they will only put out a specific quantity of that cigar. They don’t tell you the exact number available but they do provide you with a little bar that decreases in link as more purchases are made. Once the quantity has been exhausted they will move onto the next cigar. So be careful and get your order in quick because if they sell out before you get your order in the deal is gone and you are left out in the cold without that special deal.

Jams can sometimes be elusive creatures not appearing for days at a time. And then WHAM! there will be two jams in a row. So check in every night at midnight EST to see what is going on.

Unlike its parent (Cigars International)’s daily deal site is just a page on its site. Even though that might look like they aren’t putting in much of an effort nothing could be further from the truth because it is one of the best daily deal sites around. Every day they line up three deals for you and each deal usually consists of the pairing of two different cigars both in quantities of three or five. If memory serves, sometimes a deal can be a sampler as well. And your order ships free. Sometimes, when the deal is especially nice, a deal will sell out. So, again, check in at midnight EST to see what is going on there.

Atlantic Cigar

Every week from Tuesday to Monday Atlantic Cigar Co. has a dozen or so different deals to choose from. Each deal is usually a box or a bundle and there are some good cigars in the mix. Most of these deals do not come with free shipping but if the item has a little truck next to its picture then that means that it does come with free shipping. Even without the free shipping a lot of these deals would still make sense.

Jack Schwartz

These deals go up on Friday and last all week unless they get sold out, which happens. This site offers some of the more premium cigars in its deals and, depending on which week it is, there can be a couple of dozen deals to choose from. The deals range from single sticks to boxes and amazing samplers. If you have $100 pegged for some cigars do yourself a favor and check out this site before making a purchase because you might find something great.

Cigars International

What we have here is seven weekly deals offered by Cigars International. Most of these deals are not that great but there are sometimes good deals to be had. Here they are in list format:

Cigar Heist

Here is another daily deal site and this one is brought to you by Stogie Boys. These deals are for either cigars or accessories and come with free shipping. Most of the deals here aren’t of the premium cigar variety but I have talked with the owner of this place and they do have plans for improving their stock in the future. So check in from time to time to see if there is something worthwhile available.

Thompson Cigar

Another deal of the day site. Personally, I do not have much experience with this site but it does come with free shipping and that is a good thing.

I’m willing to bet that there are other sites like the ones I have listed so feel free to add them in the comments section to help everyone out. Thanks!

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