Cu-Avana Punisher Cigar Review

If you spend any time whatsoever searching through certain online retailers I am sure that you have seen them pushing the Cu-Avana Punisher. Chances are you have read something like this:

Be warned, Punisher is no joke. This full-bodied, potent blend of Nicaraguan ligero tobaccos is one of the strongest cigars we’ve ever experienced.

Obviously, the main selling point of this cigar is that you are going to get a major nicotine kick when you smoke this cigar. Perhaps it may even be the strongest cigar in terms of body that you have ever smoked. But is that a good thing? Should that even be something that you should consider when you are buying a cigar? Probably not but it did pique my interest and, anyways, I just wanted to see how strong this cigar actually was.

The Punisher’s wrapper has a greyish-brown hue to it and it only comes in one size: a 6″ x 52 torpedo, which is adequately constructed. As far as I have seen with the few of these that I have smoked there were no major problems with the construction of this cigar.

Cigar Stats
Length: 6″
Ring Gauge: 52
Wrapper: ?
Binder: ?
Filler: ?
Price: $100.00/Box of 13

Breaking Bad Sizzle!

[Aside: Usually, you can find information about the makeup of the tobacco used to make a cigar. In this situation, after minutes of exhaustive searching, I could not find any information on this cigar’s makeup other than it was made at Nestor Plasencia’s factory in Nicaragua and that this cigar contains a lot of ligero]

Even the prelight draw to this cigar is absolutely spicy. It feels almost like they dipped this cigar into a scotch bonnet pepper paste and that tingling on my lips and tongue makes me seriously wonder how they made this cigar. Could it be infused? Personally, I have only smoked one infused cigar and that was by accident early on during my cigar smoking tenure. Basically, I do not have enough experience with infused cigars to say one way or the other.

Actually, the tingling sensation is not completely off-putting. It is equal parts compelling and disgusting and just numbing enough so that I really cannot make any discernible flavors out during the first couple of dozen puffs. When my taste buds sufficiently revived themselves the flavors that I do get remind me of jalapenos and other more intense peppers.

Surprisingly, the flavors are not all that bad but they are definitely very one dimensional. If you are a person who loves the taste of peppers then this is a cigar for you. If you are a person that only wants to smoke the most full bodied cigars out there then you might want to think about another cigar. It’s full bodied but not overbearingly so.

Going into the final third now and I am struck by how pure the flavors are. It tastes almost like they were able to distill the flavor of peppers and instill it into this cigar. But this is a very specific cigar since it doesn’t have any evolution of flavors and because the flavors present are so intense. Both the draw and the burn have been excellent throughout and I would peg this as a full bodied cigar. But not overly full bodied, the flavors are just insanely close to the flavors of peppers.

“Unique” is the best way that I have come up with to describe this cigar. There is always the chance that you will be one of the people who would love this cigar because you are such a pepper fanatic. For example, if you have a framed chart of Scoville Scale in your office then you might be the type of person who will love this cigar. However, I cannot say that I am one of those people. I am glad for having tried some of these but there is no way I will ever seek them out again save, perhaps, on a lark. It was an experience though.

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