Smoking and Gambling

Smoking and gambling, it use to go together like love and marriage, but probably not for much longer. In order to smoke one of your favorite cigars and go to a casino you will probably have to go to a casino online. Now, if you are like me, that actually might be preferable. You sit comfortably at home with a drink that is much cheaper than it would be at a blackjack table and you can smoke a cigar.

Another benefit of gambling at home is that you do not have all those other pesky distractions. There isn’t that guy sitting next to you at the slot machines cursing God for his misfortune, which is ironic because I don’t think God is all that accommodating when it comes to gambling. Maybe things would be different if God saw that you were playing something cooler than slots: maybe roulette. Could God curse you for playing a game that James Bond played?

Ah, but that doesn’t really matter anymore. The thrill of gambling is the gambling part and not all the chaff that Las Vegas casinos throw at you whenever you darken their doorstep – “Oh, I know you are here to gamble but wouldn’t you just love to see a Cher concert?” Not that there’s anything wrong with that, it’s just not for me.

Playing cards is fun, I use to do it all the time with my friends before I started smoking cigars. Then I started smoking cigars and they didn’t, which led to an illicit gaming impasse. If I’m going to sit around for three hours at night playing a game I’m going to want to smoke a cigar. Even if that game is slots, I’m going to want to smoke a cigar.

If you are like me and you like your gambling to be about gambling and not about superfluous crap then you might as well stay at home and strike up a cigar. At least that is will still be legal, for a while at least.

Published by Travis Lindsay

I am a guy who smokes cigars.

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  1. I did make some changes to this post to make it forward looking as opposed to a look at the current gambling landscape. Personally, even though you can smoke at casinos I would prefer gambling at home or a friend’s house.

  2. @Cigar Detective: Honestly, I should have put a qualifier in the beginning of the post saying that smoking bans were coming to casinos, as they have to every other business. You, of course, are right about smoking at most casinos, even though there are some that ban it (Indian casinos mostly now, I think, I can’t speak to Atlantic City) there are a number of Las Vegas casinos that have designated smoke free areas.

    Now, that is not a ban on smoking, per se, but I think it is pretty easy to see the writing on the wall as everything else is trending towards being smoke free. I think all it would take would be for a large group of casino employees to bring a lawsuit against the Las Vegas casinos claiming harm from working in such an “unhealthy” environment.

    So, here it is, this article should have expressed that it was more forward looking. I apologize for the confusion. Thanks for your comment.

    PS: I put in that swipe at Cher because I thought it was funny. I may be the only person who has tried to make a joke about Cher and failed at it.

  3. Is this article based on a specific state or city? Are you alleging that Las Vegas Casinos have banned smoking, or are you predicting that they are likely to do so soon? It is not clear from the article why you stopped smoking while you gamble. What does the prohibition of smoking in your local casinos have to do with Cher? You have to put up with people trying to get you to see shows at Las Vegas Casinos too, and smoking is still allowed on casino floors.