Casa Magna Colorado Cigar Review

Yes, I have reviewed the Casa Magna Colorado before but this is a different size and it has been quite a while since I reviewed one of these cigars. There’s that and the fact that Cigars Direct sent me this cigar and I am somewhat obligated to review it. Thanks guys!

The Casa Magna Torito is short and stubby measuring in at 4 ¾” x 60 ring gauge. While that is a little bit thicker than I prefer I have liked some cigars from this line in the past. Perhaps this one will surprise me.

Good construction with a fairly uniform medium-dark brown color to the wrapper. There is a small hole that is close to the foot of this cigar but that is the only imperfection worth noting.

Cigar Stats
Length: 4 ¾″
Ring Gauge: 60
Wrapper: Nicaragua
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Price: $27.00/5 Pack | $162.00/30 Pack

JJ for JJ Flame!

It’s starts out pretty good but I am trepidatious about how the flavor profile is forming up; almost like it is watered down. But the flavors I am getting are good. Mole sauce, dark wood and some nuts. Spice is prominent throughout the nasal passages.

Meat comes on during the second third along with a smoky presence as well. Tobacco flavors are also here. Flavors from the previous third are still there but not as much as before.

The last third is a diminished continuation of the last third. I fear that this cigar is just too thick and it has diluted the flavors. It is also a little harsh in the final bits.

Overall, this is a pretty good cigar but not as good as its thinner brethren. It has a good draw and burn and is in the medium-full bodied range. By all means, smoke some Casa Magna Colorados but pick something thinner.

89 points

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