Felipe Gregorio W20 Short Cigar Review

July 12, 2011 · Posted in Cigar Review, Short Cigar Review 

I received this cigar from the maker many months ago so it has the benefit of some rest time in the humidor. Let me see, besides that little tidbit I can’t find much on this cigar save for that the wrapper is Marron Havano 2000, if you know what that means please leave a comment telling the rest of us. Take a look on their page to see all the info on this cigar.

It’s a good enough looking cigar. Tightly packed throughout with some minor tears here and there. One medium sized vein runs from foot to cap and there is a rather largish 1.5″ length of vein stretching down from the foot. Well, lets see how this 5″ x 55 cigar tastes.

Tiki Bar Flame!

My first impression is that the flavors are going to revolve around sweet spice, which is fine with me. It’s a pretty enjoyable flavor with all things considered. Not much else going on early on.

The second third is much the same. The sweet spice is still going strong and it is somewhat better than it was earlier on. In addition to the spice there is some dry woodiness and, actually, the best way to describe this cigar thus far is dry. The flavor profile is completely dry with some above average flavors. Cigars like this do have their benefits.

Entering the final third and I do notice some changes like the floral flavor that has crept in and mostly replaced the spice. There are moments of harshness as well but they are minor.

This isn’t a force of a cigar. Medium-full bodied with a good draw and a decent burn. Overall, this is a slightly above average cigar and would probably be liked by people who like spice.

3.5 points


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