Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Cigar Smokers

June 12, 2011 · Posted in Cigar 101 

Father’s day is a week away and you don’t know what to get dear ol’ dad. If he happens to be a cigar smoker I’m sure he would love to get something from this list:

  • Xikar Cigar Scissors: Whether your dad is smoking cigars at his buddy’s house or at home he will absolutely love these scissors. The blades are sharp, he will get a clear view of the cigar as he’s cutting it and there are some extra tools attached for things like adjusting cigar lighters or opening a bottle. What is really special about these cigar scissors is that when you are done with them they fold up so they will take up less space and your dad won’t accidentally cut himself. I use these scissors along with many other cigar smokers I know.
  • Blazer Cigar Lighter: This is another one of those necessities for the father on the go. The Blazer Little Buddy cigar lighter is a cigar lighting dream with it’s compact size, dependably robust flame, ease of adjustment and it’s also a breeze to refill. I recommend getting your pops the clear one so that he can see how much butane is left in the lighter – even though he won’t need to refill it all that often thanks to it’s large fuel reservoir.
  • Cigars: If your father likes the best cigars then you need to head on over to Cigars Direct’s page featuring samplers for cigars like: Arturo Fuente Opus X, Padron 1964 Anniversary and Ashton. Or maybe you could sign the old man up for their Cigar of the Month Club. For every month you give your dad he will receive eight premium cigars and you will receive 10% all of your purchases at their site.

If your dad were to receive one or a combination of the above gifts I’m sure he would be ecstatic. So make it a special day for him and get him something nice!


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