Cuban Stock Extra Cigar Review

June 9, 2011 · Posted in Cigar Review 

What the extra stands for… I know it stands for something but I forget. Early onset senility, I suppose.

Oh well, on the bright side it is a good looking cigar. Well crafted with a couple of small indentations along one of the veins. Oily. There is a bit of tobacco coming off the apex of the cap but, since I’m going to be shortly cutting it off anyways, I won’t hold it against this cigar. This is the torpedo vitola for this cigar.

By the way, I got this cigar as a sample from Cuban Stock. I appreciate it guys but if the cigar is a stinker I’m going to have to tell the truth. And here is what they have to say about this cigar:

The Cuban Stock Extra is made from pure Dominican grown tobacco. The filler, binder and wrapper are all specially fermented in the Dominican tobacco fields for phenomenal flavor. The tobacco is aged for many years in oak wine barrels. They rival any Cuban cigar out there! A delicious blend, full and spicy, the wrapper is mocha colored with an oily finish. You have to taste it to believe it.

Cigar Stats
Length: 6 ¼″
Ring Gauge: 52
Wrapper: Dominican Republic
Binder: Dominican Republic
Filler: Dominican Republic
Price: $27.00/5 Pack

CigarCyclopedia Flame!

It starts out with a fairly aggressive spice (could that be why they tagged it with the “Extra” moniker?) and a subtle grassiness. Shortly thereafter, the spice takes over.

Savor this cigar. This is the third one of these that I have had and the first two were merely very good; probably because of the fact that I smoked them too quickly. It’s not like I was sucking on them nonstop but it was a healthy clip nonetheless.

[For all reviews and for the vast majority of the time that I smoke I take my time with a cigar. Those two times of fevered puffing were a result of extenuating circumstances that required a quicker pace. If you are going to spend money on something you should take the time to savor it, I didn't.]

After nearly an inch the flavor profile has added on a touch of sweetness and leather. The spice is still, thankfully, in charge.

It is a full bodied cigar with a full boat of flavors. Good draw and burn. This Cuban Stock Extra has a little kick to it that fits what I look for in a cigar nearly perfectly.

The flavors stay fairly consistent after the first inch. The burn goes a little awry after the halfway point, requiring a few minor touchups the rest of the way. But I still really love this cigar.

92 points


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