SoHo Suite Album by Anders Holst Review

I talk about cigars and other stuff I like. My brother knows a lot about music. That is why nearly every word that follows is his. Here is my brother Josh’s review of the Jazz Album SoHo Suite by Anders Holst. I hope you enjoy.

Anders Holst, a Swedish native based in New York City, is one of the newer sensations to hit the genres of Adult Contemporary and Jazz. He released his first EP called “Five” (2005), and his debut album in 2009, called “Romantika.” These two efforts formed the basis for The American Smooth Jazz Awards nominating him for International Male Vocalist. Fellow nominees included Seal and Michael Bublé. His successes are putting him near the top. He has received many accolades, including a statement from Quincy Jones, who said, “His (Anders’) honest and original love songs can give romantic music a brand new chance. Do your heart a favor and check him out.”

On top of this success, Anders is releasing his second studio album, called “SoHo Suite”, a nod to the neighborhood he currently resides. “How Many Times Do You Fall In Love” starts the album on a bright note about finding a true love, and is a wonderful way to start the album. You don’t have to wait long to hear one of the highlights of the album in “I Will Pray.” This song touches on the faith showcased throughout his past releases, and is a touching song about his desire to save someone he loves. It is also the most contemporary sounding, without any real shadow of Jazz.

While Anders has been categorized as a Jazz singer songwriter, he transcends any particular genre and creates his own style drenched in romance and love. “I Keep Forgettin’” is the sole cover song on SoHo Suite. By Michael McDonald and recorded after his stint with The Doobie Brothers, the original is a 1980’s classic characterized by rhythm. What Anders’ version lacks in rhythm, he makes up with a smooth melody that captures the soulfulness and vocal styling of McDonald. His cover of McDonald’s hit, and Billy Joel’s “All About Soul” on his debut album “Romantika” do more to represent his influences than the rest of the songs on his albums. Both McDonald and Joel had their greatest successes in the 1970s, but Anders has focused on their latter day hits, showing his affinity for the 1980s and 90s.

Anders continues to write lyrics that focus on mature love, and it is best expressed on “What Your Love Has Done To Me.” Perhaps the best song on the album, it is full of love and romance. He has managed to take old-fashioned lyrics and make them feel contemporary.

While none of the songs quite reach the level of “Love Me Like A River”, from his EP “Five”, “SoHo Suite” features a solid list of songs that will grow on you after each repeated play.

SoHo Suite Tracklist

  1. How Many Times Do You Fall In Love?
  2. Love Surrender
  3. I Will Pray
  4. Time is Not Waiting
  5. Almost Forgotten
  6. To Forgive Is Divine
  7. I Keep Forgettin’ (Every Time You Are Near)
  8. What Your Love Has Done To Me
  9. Sometimes The Light
  10. As Far As My Eye Can See

If you are interested in purchasing this album you can check it out here. I’m going to listen to the album today and I’ll probably say a word or two in tomorrow’s A Few Good Links post.

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