5 Vegas Relic Short Cigar Review

Thanks to the good folks over at Cigars Direct for this cigar. Now onto business. And this is going to be a Short Cigar Review not because the length of this post is short but because I only smoked one of these cigars.

You would be forgiven if you saw this cigar from across the room and thought that it was a good looking cigar. For one, it’s a figurado, which, while not a rarity, is a different pace. Another reason to appreciate its look from across the room is its dark and alluring wrapper. Alas, you will need to eventually cross the room and pick up the cigar if you are going to smoke it.

When you do that be prepared for a haphazard cacophony of black blotches on a muddied, dark brown canvas. Look closer and you will see a series of bumps and other misshapen portions of the cigar. It’s not totally gruesome but it is, charitably, rough looking.

On the plus side there is a goodly amount of oil on the wrapper. Well, that and it’s a cigar.

The prelight draw was, as expected, nonexistent. But I was able to get some chocolate flavors up front followed by some spice on the finish.

Cigar Stats
Length: 5.7″
Ring Gauge: 54
Wrapper: Dominican Corojo
Binder: Dominican Piloto
Filler: Three kinds of Dominican: Piloto ’96, Corojo and Criollo
Price: $5.25/Cigar | $100.00/Box of 24


Mamet Fire!

Surprisingly, the draw starts out nicely. Even though it requires a little effort to get some smoke through I am able to pick up some sweet spice notes. That’s pretty much all there is until the burn reaches the meaty part of the cigar.

Once the burn reaches the meaty part of the cigar I’m better able to pinpoint that sweet flavor – it’s fruity, like a peach. As the burn progresses spice takes on greater importance and that chocolate flavor I sensed on the prelight draw also comes on, but barely.

That peachiness has (mercifully) faded into the background. Now the spice is really making its presence known. Chocolate only grows stronger.

This is a medium bodied, maybe medium-full bodied, cigar. The flavors are actually pretty good. Even that peachy sweetness wasn’t too bad. Couple all that with this being a fairly cheap cigar and it is definitely worth a try.

3 points – Average

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    It’s not a bad smoke and since it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg it is worth a try for anyone. That peach was a little weird at first though.

  2. That peach was a surprise in the middle, but not bad. I thought it was interesting the first time I smoked one of these, and on the second cigar I realized I really liked it. Despite the rugged appearance, construction was good.