Padron 1964 Anniversary SI-15 Natural Cigar Review

A couple of years ago I fell over myself praising a Padron 1964 Anniversary with the natural wrapper. I absolutely loved everything about it ranging from its flavors (spice, earth, cocoa and a bunch of others) to just the way it smoked. I gave it 95 points at the time.

A couple of months ago I fell over myself praising the Tatuaje Anarchy, which was the love child of Pete Johnson of Tatuaje and Abe “Ming” Dababneh from Smoke Inn (I received that cigar as a sample and have since bought some more). It was all about the spice and the strength, which I thoroughly enjoyed. That cigar received 94 points from me.

Now here comes the newest edition of their fifteenth anniversary celebration from Smoke Inn: the Padron 1964 Anniversary SI-15, which is also a sample. Here’s their sales pitch:

In commemoration of our 15th Anniversary this year, we commissioned the Padron Family to make a special size exclusively for our stores. Jorge Padron’s face lit up when we told him our idea of a 6×60 Anniversary Cigar. What’s better than a Padron Anniversary Cigar, A BIGGER Padron Anniversary Cigar! This monster stick bellows smoke like a chimney. The sheer amount of tobacco used in this cigar creates a bold experience differing from the other vitolas in this line. All tobacco used in this limited production series is aged for four years, creating a smooth and complex flavor. There was less than 500 boxes produced of this limited edition, so don’t waste a second and get a part of cigar history today!

My major reservation about this cigar is that it has a gigantic ring gauge. 60/64ths of an inch is pretty thick for a cigar but, on the other hand, the Padron 1964s that I have had in the past have always delivered pretty good to great flavors. It’s obviously well made, it doesn’t have any imperfections on the wrapper and it does have a slight box press, which, I think, gives it a little extra elegance.

Cigar Stats
Length: 6″
Ring Gauge: 60
Wrapper: Nicaragua
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Price: $92.50/Box of 5 | $277.50/Box of 15

Pinch Flame!

It has a decent start to it. The flavors I’m picking up are dark chocolate, coco powder and some other flavors that all revolve around the unifying “earthy” flavor profile. While the flavors are all enjoyable during this third they are not extraordinary and I am hoping that they pick up in intensity.

The second third does show some improvement in the intensity of the flavors. The coco powder flavor is still present and so are the earthy flavors as well. Chocolate is the leading flavor so far. It’s a very soulful kind of chocolate flavor, the kind that you get in a good chocolate bar. It’s subtle and not bitter at all. This is also the third when this cigar starts moseying on over to being full bodied as well.

As the end of the second third came to a close and the beginning of the final third began the flavors do pick up quite a bit. The main flavors have shifted towards being earthy with a little bit of pepper in the background. It is a medium-full bodied cigar that has had a good draw and burn.

Overall, it was a pretty good cigar. If you are looking for a long lasting cigar with subtle but good flavors ranging from chocolate to earth then you should think about getting some of these cigars. And if you are into getting exclusive cigars then this would definitely be up your ally. For more info on how to buy these cigars head on over to Smoke Inn.

90 points

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