AFGL: Goodbye Gary Arzt

Earlier this week an influential member of the BOTL community died. His name was Gary Arzt and he will definitely be missed.

Personally, I only knew him through our sparse email correspondences and through his column, The Arzt of Cigars. I also knew him by reputation. Evidently, he was the kind of person you either hated or loved and those feelings could frequently change depending on a person’s last encounter with him. Personally, I like people like that.

And I liked Gary Arzt. I will be forever grateful to him for putting me in contact with Miami Cigar and some of the other cigar companies that I now have a relationship with. What follows is a sampling of the memories that others have shared about Gary since his sudden death.

I sincerely hope that you have the time to read through those memorials, they are all excellent.

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