La Gloria Cubana Serie N Cigar Review

I promised this review yesterday so I thought it was a pretty good idea if I followed through and delivered it. Full disclosure: I received the samples I used for this review from General Cigar.

Here’s a little backstory to this cigar:

A sister brand to the critically-acclaimed La Gloria Cubana Serie R collection, La Gloria Cubana Serie N debuts in a lofty position. La Gloria Cubana Serie N is the brainchild of Yuri Guillen who developed this new collection in concert with Michael Giannini and Rick Rodriguez, collectively known as Team La Gloria Cubana.

The wrapper is dark brown and it has the letter N on it, with the letter N being cut from a Connecticut grown leaf and glued on the wrapper (it is the Serie N after all, clever). To the touch it feels oily and kind of reminds me of the texture of fine grit sandpaper after it has been used for a while. Overall, the cigar feels densely packed and has a light hay smell to it.

Cigar Stats
Length: 5 ½″
Ring Gauge: 54
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sumatra Capa Oscura
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Price: around $6.35/Single | $120.00/Box of 24

Serie N Day Flame!

One thing to know about this cigar above all others: it’s heavy. No, not heavy in the sense that I can use it to do curls while I’m smoking it; the flavor profile is pretty heavy. It’s a full bodied cigar, that’s for sure, but it’s the flavors that are overbearing with one of those flavors firmly grasping the golden ring.

For example, take the earthiness of this cigar. It’s not necessarily a bad flavor but it is pretty much dominating everything during this first third. There is a little bit of cherry that sneaks its way through along with some hay. I think it would be a better cigar if the cherry and the hay can increase in prominence a little during the next two thirds. It would also be better if some chocolate or leather entered the fray.

There is some appreciable changes during the second third. While the cherry flavor has receded and has almost disappeared the hay has come into its own. It is now on equal footing with the earthiness, which has moderated some.

Entering the last third and the cigar’s flavor profile has mostly returned to that dark and brooding earthiness. It has a dusty/chalky consistency to it that isn’t great. Working in the La Gloria Cubana Serie N’s favor is that it has a great burn and draw.

After all is said and done I’m a little conflicted about this cigar. Part of me wants to pan it but that wouldn’t be fair. The dark flavor profile of this cigar is a little alluring at times and I liked smoking it. But I do not think it will be a cigar I will go back to often.

87 points

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  1. Great review. I also tried this cigar yesterday. I actually enjoyed it quite a bit, but I’m glad I stopped by and got your perspective.