La Gloria Cubana Serie N Day

I was contacted a little over a week ago about Serie N Day. Basically, it’s going to be this big conference call between La Gloria Cubana and a bunch of retailers where questions will be asked and answers will be given. The site also says that cigars will be given away (and who doesn’t like some free stogies?). Here’s a screen grab of their Serie N Day page:

La Gloria Cubana Serie N Day
Find out some info on the La Gloria Cubana Serie N and you might also win some free cigars.

As you can see there will be 4 different broadcasts of the event tomorrow night and I, for one, will be checking in to see what is going on. Personally, I have smoked a couple of the La Gloria Cubana Serie N cigars and they are pretty good. From what I remember (I just smoked one a few days ago) it was a really earthy cigar with some heft to it. [Full disclosure: I received some samples, which either means they think I’m awesome or they know that they are going to get some free publicity out of this.] I should have a review up on this cigar before the broadcasts tomorrow night.

So check it out, it could be interesting.

Oh, and don’t forget to pick up your free Serie N at your local cigar shop tomorrow (you will need that coupon insert from the latest Cigar Aficionado). More info here.

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