Does Cigar Aficionado’s Big Smoke New York City Mark the end of an Era?

November 18, 2008 · Posted in Assault on Cigars 

I have never been to one of these things before but, now that I look at the lineup, I can easily see why people go. For the low price of $240 for a ticket you get cigars from nearly thirty cigar makers, food, and all the spirits that you can keep down. Want to see the lineup of cigar makers and spirits? CLICK HERE.

One of the major reasons why I am writing this is because I found it extremely sad that Cigar Aficionado had to include this line: “We are in compliance with the NYS guidelines.” How very sad indeed.

Cigar Aficionado had to include this line: “We are in compliance with the NYS guidelines.”

New York use to be the epicenter of illicit fun. When prohibition swept across the land speakeasies popped up all over New York. Didn’t the people from the great state of New York (and basically every other state in this country) that people like to enjoy their freedoms?

Guess not. Now, one of the only times you can smoke a cigar in a major city is when Cigar Aficionado throws an event. I can’t remember which city it was, I think it was Chicago, but in order for the city to allow cigar smokers their right to smoke a legal product Cigar Aficionado had to get special permission to have their party.

All of this is headed in a very scary direction. I guess that since we are in the minority our “leaders” feel safe enough squashing our rights for the “betterment” of a few whiners who hate the idea of adults enjoying cigars in their presence. My God.

A year ago we dodged a bullet with S-CHIP but our bodies have already been sliced by thousands of little laws and codes banning our presence in that restaurant or that building. We are bleeding out now and unless something miraculous happens I don’t know how much longer cigars will even be legal products.


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