CAO Lx2 Cigar Review

This is a natural pick for me because this cigar has got some kick and some oomph. Or is it a natural pick for me? To find out read on and, oh, yeah, have a great New Year’s Eve!

A beautiful dark and oily wrapper is obscured by two ornate bands. I get it, it’s about marketing. You’ve got the big CAO with an LX2 on one band and “Forteleza Tres” on the second band (according to Brian Hewitt forteleza tres means triple the strength).

The feel of the wrapper is very oily. A couple of medium sized veins mar the surface of the wrapper. The cigar itself feels relatively tightly packed.

Cigar Stats
Length: 5″
Ring Gauge: 52
Wrapper: Nicaragua
Binder: Honduras
Filler: Nicaragua (Pueblo Nuevo) & Dominican Republic
Price: $7.10/Single | $112.00/Box of 20

Federation Flame!

Unrelenting spiciness is the theme for the first third of this cigar. Cherry would be the second flavor that I am picking up. Overall, the first third of this cigar has turned the intensity level all the way to 11 (that is the point of this cigar after all, right?).

I ran into a little bit of a burn issue during the transition from the first to the second third of this cigar. After smoking it a little after I made a course correction to the burn the cigar does not seem any worse for the wear.

Flavorwise, the second third does have some differences from the first third. That unrelenting spice has moderated some and that moderation has made it possible for some other flavors to come out and play. In addition to the spice and the cherry flavors, which were relatively minor during the first third and still are during this second third, there are some oak and some other minor fleeting flavors that I cannot quite pin down. My inability to pin those flavors down is because the spiciness, while it has moderated some, is still very strong.

The final third is a steady march of what has come before. Flavors have been all good but there needs to be a note of caution. This is a fairly strong cigar and the flavor profile could safely be described as being aggressive. That is why I like this cigar so much. There is some complexity in the flavor profile but what really sets it apart from other cigars is that it is exactly what it is advertised as being. Strong.

Other than the flavor the burn had some problems that I have already mentioned. After correcting it at around the transition from the first to the second third there weren’t any more major problems. The same could be said of the draw. It was a little tight at first but after correcting for the burn problem the draw was fine. In the end this is a delicious cigar that should be liked by fans of full bodied cigars.

92 points

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  1. Danny, That’s interesting, I’ll have to see how much of a difference that makes. Maybe we can get some at Maxamar one of these days and try them out.

    TRIMARKC, These are great cigars. Loads of flavor and was a joy for me to smoke. Give them another try after a heavy meal. 🙂

  2. I’ll be honest – this cigar kicked my butt when I first tried it shortly after it came out (2009?). Your review has me thinking that I’ll have to give it another go now that my palate has matured.