Sencillo Short Churchill Cigar Review

Today we have a very special review from Danny (@dannysguitar is his Twitter handle). He’s a cool guy and he has done an awesome review of the Sencillo Short Churchill. Enjoy!

First off, I would like to thank Travis for inviting me for a guest review on his site.  Today we have for you the Sencillo Short Churchill.  I have smoked my way through a box of these and this is one of the last sticks I have.  A little background on this cigar.  Keith K Park, owner of Prometheus and God of Fire was looking for an everyday cigar to add to his portfolio.  He contacted Christian Eiora of Camacho cigars to put together some blends for him.  This is the one that was chosen.  So let’s light it up!

Giving the cigar a good once over reveals a nice dark wrapper. Tightly packed, and heavy for it’s size. This particular cigar is a Honduran puro. Prelight smell is sweet tobacco on the wrapper.  Almost like vanilla. The foot is more musty barnyard with a touch of spice, maybe cinnamon?  I decided to use a punch on this cigar and the prelight draw gives me slight pepper.

Cigar Stats
Length: 6.25
Ring Gauge: 48
Wrapper: Honduran Habano de Jamastran
Binder: Honduran Habano de Jamastran
Filler: Honduran Habano de Jamastran and Honduran Piloto Cubano
Price: $7.95

The first few draws are natural tobacco with a slight pepper and a hint of bitterness. Actually a little dry.  Tons of smoke with a nice easy draw. A few puffs later I get some nice spicy earthy flavors. On the retrohale and I get a little black pepper spice and a nice bitter chocolate or coffee. Not sure which.  Burn is straight, and the ash is strong, holds on for about an inch.  Chewy thick smoke. Medium to full body.

Heading into the 2nd third, the smoke changes to a predominately smokey wood flavor.  The further down I smoke this, the more I’m begging for some sweetness to balance out these flavors.

Coming to the end  and the flavors are about the same.  Earth, bitter chocolate/coffee, wood,  and a bit of pepper spice. The spice has ramped up a tad bit.  I find these flavors to be very enjoyable, but this cigar still missing a little sweetness to make this the complete package.  I think this cigar would go well with a nice bourbon or rum.  Something sweet to contrast the flavors of the cigar.

Final thoughts on the Sencillo Short Churchill.  I think it’s a pretty good smoke. Better than an average cigar. I’m kinda surprised one type of tobacco could produce so many flavors.

89 points

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  1. Not too far from what I experienced with the same cigar blend. I enjoyed it quite a bit, but found it to be just short of excellence and fully worth the price tag.