Camacho Coyolar Cigar Review

About a year ago I did a Short Cigar Review on one of these and I gave it the most points possible, five points. That doesn’t mean I think it’s perfect but it is one of those cigars that I really think every cigar smoker should try. The Camacho Coyolar is extremely flavorful with pretty good smoking characteristics. Take a look at my previous review; now lets get on to a proper review of this cigar.

This cigar has been sitting in my humidor for nearly a year at this point. Part of a box I bought shortly after Christmas last year and this is the lucky one that is going to get reviewed. Hopefully that extra time in my humidor will have helped the flavors mature some.

Made in Danli, Honduras this cigar is not only a puro but all of the tobaccos used to construct these gems are grown on the same farm; the Coyolar farm. That’s pretty unique.

The wrapper is dark chocolate brown and has a good helping of oils. It feels a little fuzzy to the touch and this cigar is slightly underpacked, which seems common with Camachos. The look of the wrapper is marred by a couple of gnarly veins and a divot near the band which kind of reminds me of the divots left in the skulls of people who just had brain surgery back in the olden days.

Cigar Stats
Length: 6″
Ring Gauge: 60
Wrapper: Honduras
Binder: Honduras
Filler: Honduras
Price: $8.00/Single | $170.00/Box of 25

Dark Passenger Flame!

Maybe something has been lost in translation but I just don’t feel the same way I use to about this cigar. It’s only the beginning, so things might change, I hope that they do, but it just seems different. There is spice that is most apparent on the sides of my tongue and it lingers and then there is also anise on the retrohale.

Alright, it just took some time to warm up because it is now beginning to remind me of those cigars I had a while back. The spice is picking up and there is some dark sweetness lingering in the background.  Leather and meaty flavors are coming on strong after the first inch.

I’m looking back at the Short Cigar Review I did for this cigar and it’s matching up quite nicely, except for the added sweetness. More dark sweetness with this one than with the other one, which was the Rothschild (4 1/2 x 50). However, as was the case with the Rothschild, this Titan takes some time to develop. I’m a little past the halfway point now and it is immeasurably better than the first half inch.

A candied sweetness comes on strong during the last half of this cigar. It’s a change of pace that I was not expecting nor do I remember it from my previous dalliances with this cigar. It’s a good change of pace as well because it does bring some balance to this cigar.

What I like about this cigar is that there is a good deal of complexity to it. Spice, leather, meat and candied sweetness work well together. It is also smooth with the slightest tint of an edge to it, which is perfect in my book. The draw is great and the burn is pretty good, only requiring a couple of touch ups.

You know you are smoking a good cigar when you don’t want it to end. This nominally full bodied cigar is one of those cigars. It’s no wonder that these cigars are so hard to find; they’re just that great.

94 points

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    1. The funny thing about all the Camacho Coyolar cigars is that they have recently jacked up the prices for them. In the past you could get this cigar for less than $100, maybe even closer to $80 for a box. That is no longer the case.

      But it really is one of my top two favorites from the Camacho line, you should definitely try it.

  1. I missed your prior short review of this cigar, but after reading this review it sounds like one I need to track down. The first to be added to my new 2011 Cigars To Try list.