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I like Padrons for the simple reason that they taste good; it’s actually more than that but that is the best place to start. But, for whatever reason, I just don’t smoke that many of them. That’s a failing on my part but thanks to Thompson Cigars sending me a Padron Londres Maduro I have the opportunity to revisit Padron cigars.

Wrapper: Nicaragua | Binder: Nicaragua | Filler: Nicaragua

Vitola: Londres (Corona) | Price: $86/Box of 26

0/3: As I look at this cigar I find myself saying in my head “Looks don’t matter, looks don’t matter.” But looks do matter and this cigar, while obviously well made with its slight box press, which I like, isn’t the cigar version of Megan Fox. It’s more like the the cigar version of Hillary Swank. Some discolorations, bumpiness and streaks.

1/3: Fortunately, this cigar is performing more like Swank than Fox. Flavorful, I think, is one of the highest compliments you can give to a cigar and this one is surely flavorful. More spice than wood – almost too much during this third (and I like spice).

2/3: Flavors start to refine themselves. Wood gets stronger and the spice moderates. A flowery sweetness enters the mix.

3/3: Spice and wood present in nearly equal amounts during this third, which is great. Nuttiness comes on while the sweetness has nearly disappeared. There has been some earthiness present in this final third as well.

4/3: Solid cigar. Flavors are interesting but could have been a little bit better if they were more in harmony. Medium-full bodied cigar with a good draw and burn.

4 points – definitely worth it

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