The First TPD Cigar Dinner

Last night I had the privilege of having quite a few great cigar smoking guys attend the first The Perfect Draw Cigar Dinner. It was a great event that featured the Alec Bradley Family Blend and the Diesel Unlimited along with some tasty Mexican food from Joaquin’s Mexican Restaurant & Cantina. We all smoke, ate and drank to our heart’s content; great time.

I need to thank a couple of people for helping make this event the success that it was.

First off, I need to thank Steve for being gracious enough to let us use his massive man cave for this event. Replete with multiple flat screens and more than enough space to fit a bunch of smoking brothers in. Thanks Steve!

Secondly, thanks must go out to Gary who owns Joaquin’s. He cooked us some excellent food and was a great guest to have at the party.

Third off, for all of you that attended: Thank You. Even though I didn’t get to talk with everyone as much as I would have wanted I am glad that we had some time to talk about cigars. Maybe during the next one of these events we will have more time to get acquainted.

Lastly, a big thank you to John Jackson and his son Tom. Tom helped make sure that everything ran smoothly during the party and his father, one of my previous professors, John helped put this event together. Without John this event would not have been possible. (Loyal readers of this blog will remember that I edited John’s latest book, Deja New Marketing – well worth buying a copy, or two, if you ask me).

The event last night was such a success that I am definitely planning on having another one, just when it is a little warmer.

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