Avo Cigar Rights of America Cigar Review

One of the reasons I like writing is because you never have to pronounce any of the words. Take, for example, this cigar. Is the “A” in “Avo” a hard or soft “A”? I don’t know which it is but, if you absolutely need to know how I’m pronouncing it in my head, I am pronouncing it with a soft “A” in my head: Ah-vo.

Now let’s get into the part that you actually care about. This Avo is part of the Cigar Rights of America sampler that I purchased a number of months ago. I’ve liked all the cigars, some better than others, and I have high hopes for this cigar.

It feels a bit on the dry side. The construction is mostly good but there are some issues with the cap. No serious drawbacks that I can make out in the construction. The prelight draw, on the other hand, feels a little tight. Even so, I am getting a distinctly peppery flavor.

I Scream Light!

Oak is the first flavor that I can discern. After that there is dry prairie and after that a hint of cherry comes through a little bit.

Medium bodied cigar and the flavors are okay. There just isn’t that much interesting going on in this cigar during the first half. Part of the problem is that there is this off note that makes this cigar a little harsh.

And then, with the commencement of the second half, this Avo becomes smooth. That doesn’t mean the flavors are amazing or anything like that but it is better.

Oak is the dominant flavor followed by cherry and that dry, grassy flavor (that aforementioned pretentious sounding prairie).

Not much changes throughout; it is a fairly consistent cigar. There’s some complexity to the flavor profile but not a whole lot. It’s a good cigar and worth a smoke or two.

Like all the other cigars from the CRA sampler I will not give this one a score. If you haven’t done so already you should head over to the CRA website and become a member before smoking cigars is outlawed.

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