Fonseca Habana Selection Short Cigar Review

First, thanks to Cigars Direct for this Fonseca Habana Selection cigar. Now onto the down and dirty review.

Wrapper: Nicaragua | Binder: Nicaragua | Filler: Dominican Republic

Vitola: Cosacos (robusto) | Price: $30/5 pack

0/3: Oh, neat! The cigar is wrapped in wax paper. With the wax paper now disposed of there is a cigar to look at. It’s not a particularly good looking cigar. A couple of significantly raised veins and bumpy. Sort of reminds me of a witch’s arthritic finger. It is very oily though, the wrapper that is, and it is uniformly packed with a little bit of give whenever I press down on an area.

One last thing; this cigar is made by Manuel Quesada, who also makes the Quesada Tributo, which I liked.

1/3: I’m getting this tangy flavor that is not at all appetizing. Behind it there are a couple of good flavors: oak and some sweetness. Weird.

2/3: Sometimes things happen that can’t be explained and this is one of those times. After I ashed the cigar about 3/4″ down from the foot that tangy flavor mostly disappears.

It now has a fierce group of flavors all fighting for predominance. Hay, oak and some nuttiness but not in that kicked back, “let’s enjoy the sunset together” sort of way. It’s more like “let’s put a bunch of hay, oak and nuts in the back of the truck, loosely tie it down, and head down the highway at 100 mph!” Basically, it’s feisty.

3/3: The final third sees a bit of a departure from the previous third. There’s earthiness and some cocoa.

That tangy flavor never completely leaves though. It’s just weird but, all in all, doesn’t ruin the cigar for me.

3 points | Try it sometime

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