Cu-Avana Intenso Short Cigar Review

When Cigars Direct sent me this cigar I did not know what to think. Is this a joke? Intenso? Did Opera Man name this cigar?

0/3: It actually looks like a well made cigar. Some veins, but none too pronounced. A small amount of oils on the wrapper and the cigar is a little hard to the touch. Trust me, I would love nothing more than to like this cigar since the Cu-Avana Intenso cigar is so cheap.

1/3: Wild is the first word that comes to mind. Wild spice leads the way. And then it calms down. I get a little bit of plum in the retrohale.

2/3: The burn goes a little off. Not a full bodied cigar, more medium-full bodied. Wildness is all gone now. That plum flavor has grown. Good draw.

3/3: Plum, leather and earth are evident. Good finish.

Conclusion: I don’t know why but I was surprised that this was a good cigar. Good flavors all the way through.

4 points

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