Felipe Gregorio Pure Cigar Review

The sample I used for this review comes from Felipe Gregorio.

I think that the marketing people at Felipe Gregorio picked “Pure” and not “Puro,” which this cigar is, because they feared Americans wouldn’t understand what Puro means. And maybe that is a fair assumption. After three years of Spanish in high school I still get a little nervous ordering a few tacos at Taco Bell. So, if you have the chance to translate something from Spanish to English then by all means do it for us monosyllabic types.

This Felipe Gregorio Pur0 Pure Corona is a very small cigar. It comes with a cedar sleeve adorned with a little band of red fabric around the foot. After the sleeve has been safely removed a beautiful cigar is revealed. Oily, one medium sized vein, expertly crafted. A little soft to the touch near the foot.

Cigar Stats
Petite Corona
Length: 5″
Ring Gauge: 44
Wrapper: Dominican Republic
Binder: Dominican Republic
Filler: Dominican Republic
Price: ~$10.00/cigar (I think)

Angel Flame!

Wow, this cigar starts off amazingly. It’s a bracing cedar spiked with the occasional dash of sweet spice. There’s also a healthy helping of leather mixed in. Light flavor profile with some power behind it.

During the second third a thin floral presence comes through. A light earthiness also comes on at this time and remains for the remainder of the cigar.

The first flat flavor comes on during the final third. It doesn’t last long nor is it that bad but it is there. One of the flavors that has been there on the retrohale throughout, but I couldn’t quite peg, is this dark, fruity flavor. Even though it is fleeting, it is very good.

Both the draw and the burn were very good for this cigar. It is a medium-full bodied cigar, maybe a little stronger than that. The flavors are great and this cigar is well worth a couple of tries at this price.

92 points

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