When to Buy a Box of Cigars

Is buying a box of cigars really that big of a deal?

Well, if you are like me and you don’t have an endless supply of cigar money, then yes, it is a big deal. I smoke a couple of cigars a week, maybe three or four once in a while. A box of cigars should last me well over half a year, if not more than a year. I’m still going to smoke other cigars so the box just goes into the rotation.

That means that I would be smoking a cigar from that box once every two weeks. Beginning to see the possible problems?

Beyond all the other concerns you might have over buying a box of cigars the biggest concern should be whether you like the cigar or not. Let me tell you a story to illustrate this point.

RULE #1: Make sure you like the cigar!

RULE #2: Have some place to store those extra cigars!

A while ago I bought a bundle, probably 15 or so cigars, of some brand I have never heard of. Actually, they might have been seconds, I can’t remember anymore. All I know is that they have this red cloth band and they look like they were dyed.

Guess what. They sucked. I just got through the last one the other night and while it does have its moments the final result is that it is just harsh, has a bad aftertaste and the draw can get tight at times. I figured this out after smoking a couple of them.

But I still had more than ten left. That means I have been smoking a cigar I don’t like for almost a year now. I absolutely dreaded opening up my humidor and seeing one of those red banded skunks on top.

All right, that means our NUMBER 1 RULE of buying a box of cigars is that you need to know you like the cigar. If you don’t like the cigar then you will make cigar smoking a chore, something I do not want to see happen to you and definitely not to me again.

Another important thing to consider, maybe just as important as the first rule, is whether or not you have a good humidor. Do you? Do you really know if your humidor is good? Is that hygrometer in there lying to you telling you the humidity level is 70 when it actually is 80 or 60?

If you have a bad humidor even if you buy a box of Petit Edmundos you will end up with bad cigars. That means the NUMBER 2 RULE of buying a box of cigars is that you need to have a good humidor. Monitor that box because it has cigars in there that are worth a lot of money.

Anything else? Not that I can think of right now. Just make sure you like the cigar and have the means to store them before you make an investment in a box of cigars.

Published by Travis Lindsay

I am a guy who smokes cigars.

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