Fuente Fuente Opus X Cigar Review

One of the most important reasons to become a cigar smoker is that you get to know other cigar smokers and other cigar smokers are generous people. That is the case with the person who gave me this cigar, John Jackson (JJ). He was one of my MBA professors and we now do business together. At a cigar dinner recently he gifted me this Opus X and now I’m going to do a review on it. (Incidentally, JJ’s new book, which I edited, Déjà New Marketing, has just been published – so check it out!)

One of the more surprising things about Opus Xs, at least the ones that I have had, is that they generally are not the prettiest looking cigars. In no way does that mean they aren’t expertly made, because they most certainly are, but the wrappers definitely tilt towards the rustic.

They are very oily however. Nicely packed with few veins and no major problems like holes in the wrapper or anything like that. Well, lets find out how good this puppy tastes!

Cigar Stats
Length: 5 1/4″
Ring Gauge: 50
Wrapper: Dominican Republic
Binder: Dominican Republic
Filler: Dominican Republic
Price: don’t ask

30 Horses Light!

Fuente Fuente Opus X cigars definitely have a unique flavor to them and this one is a prime example of that uniqueness. Very spicy in the beginning, definitely full bodied and a dark sweetness that reminds me of a constrained anise. There are also meaty and leathery flavors as well.

This cigar is a perfect example of spiciness and, if memory serves, I don’t remember previous Opus Xs being this spicy. Part of me is hoping that the spice moderates as I get further into the cigar but a bigger part of me is mesmerized by it. The other flavors are there and, if not for the overpowering spiciness, they would be very strong flavors on their own. Complex cigar.

Near the beginning of the second third there is a notable change from full throttle spiciness to a more balanced menu of flavors. Oh, the spice is still aggressive but the anise and leather are more noticeable now and I must say that I am grateful.

Surprisingly, the spice transforms after the halfway point. Heretofore, it had been like a chili pepper delightfully punishing my tongue with each draw and now it is more like peppermint. A salty meatiness comes on stronger at around this point as well. Very complex cigar.

I can honestly understand why some people don’t like Opus X cigars: when they are at their best Opus Xs can be an assault on your taste buds. But, to me at least, there is a lot of nuance in that assault. At least when Opus Xs are at their best (more on that later).

At the end of this cigar the spice is all but gone and the leather and anise are the main flavors. It’s a great cigar and my biggest thanks to JJ for gifting it to me.

94 points

Now onto the “more on that later” segment of this review. Fuente Fuente Opus X cigars can sometimes be magnificent, as was the case here. Sometimes they are merely average or somewhat above average. If you don’t like spice and full bodied cigars then you should wait until a point in time when you do like those things in a cigar before you buy some. That being said, eventually you should at least try one to see if you like them or not. It is just one of those iconic brands that deserves a try.

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  1. NIce review I really love Fuente Opus X and have had many over the years. The wrapper can look rough but most of the time it has great tooth. Which for me adds flavor and spice. The only issue that I even have is keeping it lit and this is a common problem due to the oils but besides that I can’t get enough of these treasures.