Graycliff Double Espresso Cigar Review

This cigar hales from the known cigar Mecca of the Bahamas – created by a guy who owns a five star restaurant and so on. Basically, the whole Graycliff line of cigars came about because this gustatory maestro didn’t think any other cigar in the world could stand up to his blue plate specials. My first encounter with these cigars came with the Graycliff 1666 Pirate. My opinion of that cigar can be stated thusly: It’s a lot less Black Beard than it is Somalia youth with an AK.

But I held out hope for this cigar nonetheless. I was told that it was quite good and that it warranted a smoke or two. Well, after a few more smokes I can safely say that it is nothing extraordinary. While it is better than the other Graycliffs that I have smoked I cannot say that it’s worth the exorbitant amount of money that it costs.

Anywho, let’s give it another shot. Maybe months in the humidor will have imbibed it with some extra flavor that I haven’t tasted before.

Before we get too far ahead of ourselves here I should mention that this cigar doesn’t look special. It is very veiny but it is oily. Other than that, it does look like a fine cigar. The pre-light draw is open.

Cigar Stats
Length: 4.5″
Ring Gauge: 54
Wrapper: Costa Rica
Binder: Costa Rica
Filler: Cuban Seed Corojo & Ecuadorian Ligero
Price: $18.00/cigar

Expectant Flame!

The initial round of flavors centers on chocolate and coffee, which seems, to me at least, to be fairly run of the mill. What makes this cigar more run of the mill, like all the other Double Espressos that I have tried, is that the flavors are watered down. Think hot chocolate laced with a healthy helping of river water.

Another thing about this cigar is that it is billed as being full bodied. It’s not. I have to seriously wonder whether or not the retailers I’ve seen call it “full bodied” to trick people into buying this cigar. It’s a medium bodied cigar. Maybe a little stronger than that but not much more.

On the bright side the draw is very good. Resuming the parade of ill feelings now. The burn needs the occasional touch up. And the flavors only get further watered down.

Honestly, this is a ho-hum cigar.

86 points

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PS: For those of you who think I am being overly harsh on this cigar I have my reasons. It just wasn’t that good of a cigar. The flavors were lacking and for the price that they are charging for these things I expected something a lot better than what I got. That’s all.

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  1. Robert,

    Just last night I was smoking cigars with some extremely knowledgeable cigar guys and they, like you, really like this cigar. Personally, I think the Espresso is a much better cigar.

    One last thing, I did give this cigar ample opportunity to impress me. I have smoked ten of these Double Espressos and not one of them warranted the elevated price tag, in my opinion.

    Thank you very much for your thoughtful comment and I hope that you come back soon.

  2. I disagree with this review. I found the double espresso to be a very satisfying stick. I just finished one. Draw was excellent with a fair amount of pepper. Burn was even throughout. no touch ups. The one I had tried was from the cigar sampler for March from There was some chocolate tones, maybe dark chocolate. alittle leathery, I detected some of the coffee, but river water? This is a decent cigar, I would not be hesitant to hand this out to my best cigar friends. This review in my opinion was too harsh on this pretty decent cigar. If you dig a medium body spicy stick you may want to try it. There are plenty of cigars that cost more and deserve a good bashing, I do not feel this one falls into that category. I will try it again.