Nub Maduro Short Cigar Review


The 460 (4″ x 60 ring gauge) Nub Maduro is a good enough looking cigar. Not too tightly packed, somewhat veiny, no glaring imperfections.


Due to its large ring gauge, it does take a little bit longer to light than most cigars. The predominant flavor is espresso with a good helping of a low-octane spice (i.e. not very spicy spice – if that makes sense).

After the one-inch mark the flavor profile makes a dramatic shift towards earthy/grassy flavors. However, it appears that was nothing more than a brief intermission since the spice and espresso return.

It’s an up-and-down cigar as far as flavor goes. The flavors alternate between being crisp and muddled.

On the bright side, the draw is good (maybe a smidgen too tight for my liking) and the burn is for all intents and purposes, even. It is a medium bodied cigar.


The Nub Maduro was one of those cigars that I don’t have any real negative or positive feelings for. It’s a fine cigar but, as I was merrily puffing along, I found that I was waiting for the end of the cigar to come along. It’s just a boring cigar.

2.5 points

Published by Travis Lindsay

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  1. Great review. I have a similar impression of the Nub Maduro. Nothing offensive, but not outstanding. Seems like it was rushed to market. The wrapper is a little rustic too. The Habano is truly the star of the NUB line.

  2. I enjoy the nub blends better than their “big” brother, the Cain line.

    I think the nub has more complexity than the straight ligero Cain’s,

    1. Tom,

      I’m not too bowled over by either line from Oliva. So far, my favorite is the Cain F but it is not an overwhelming favorite. It has its problems as well.

      All I can tell you for sure is that the Nub Maduro just doesn’t do it for me.

      Thanks for stopping by sir!