Cain Maduro Cigar Review

It is a nice looking cigar without much in the way of raised veins or discolorations. Not exactly the darkest maduro I have ever seen but it has a nice, chocolate hue to it. I am smoking the torpedo and I have noticed that most of the torpedos I got were cracking a little bit near the pointed foot head (Sometimes I forget my cigar anatomy) of the torpedo. This is probably due to the care given to them by the cigar shop and, since the cracked wrapper is never too large, it gets cut off anyway. No harm, no foul in my book. It’s not very oily and has a number of soft spots throughout.

A lot has been made about the fact that this cigar is chock full with ligero tobacco from all the coolest locales. The little booklet that comes with a box of Cains states that it is “25% Esteli Ligero, 27% Condego Ligero, 30% Jalapa Ligero.” So, to put it bluntly, if you like a cigar that packs a punch then you would probably like Cain cigars.

Cigar Stats
Length: 6″
Ring Gauge: 54
Wrapper: Brazilian Maduro
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua Ligero (Esteli, Condega and Jalapa)
Price: around $7.00

Crazy Light!

Even before I gently torch the foot I can taste the strength. The center of my tongue lightly touched the newly cut part of the cigar and it stung a little. Knowing that I am in store for a full bodied cigar I light it and can immediately tell that it’s got a great draw. A couple inches into this cigar reveals a steady, even burn and a really strong ash. And, yes, it is a full bodied cigar but, to tell you the absolute truth, the strength isn’t bowling me over like the Cain F has (review forthcoming).

What is really impressive about this cigar is that with all the strength there really isn’t a foul note; it’s a smooth cigar. When I started smoking these cigars I was at least expecting some harshness and maybe some bitterness as well but they are nowhere to be found in the Cain Maduros I have smoked.

The second most impressive thing about this cigar is that it burns evenly. When I got these cigars I was fully prepared to do the occasional touch up but, for the most part, I haven’t had to touch up any of the Cain Maduros I have smoked.

Coffee, chocolate, a dirty earthiness and some other rich flavors lead the way with this cigar. The spice, which is a cross between cracked black pepper and a warmer spice like cinnamon, play well as a secondary (definitely not background) flavor profile. There is also an underlying sweetness evident in this cigar that works to accentuate the Cain Maduro’s overall robustness.

Interestingly, the spice, which is a strong supporting flavor profile, is what lingers the longest on my tongue, which is preferable to me.

After the halfway point the spice takes over the top flavor spot. There is also a nuttiness that starts to come through.

Overall, this cigar does not live up to the amazing amount of hype that has been heaped on it. While there is a lot of different flavors evident in this cigar none of those flavors really stand out. All of the different flavors play well with each other but it’s not amazing.

This all brings me to the conclusion that it’s a lot better to ignore the hype surrounding a cigar and to just appreciate it for what it is. It’s a semi-enjoyable cigar flavor-wise with a decent amount of kick. Don’t expect great things if you pick one of these up.

88 points

Published by Travis Lindsay

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  1. RAQ,

    You are, of course, right about the foot being the part of the cigar that you light. My mistake. Thank you for stopping by and please don’t hold that miscue against me too much.

  2. ” I am smoking the torpedo and I have noticed that most of the torpedos I got were cracking a little bit near the pointed foot of the torpedo.”
    Just so you know, the pointed end of a torpedo is the head, not the foot. The foot is the part you light.
    I give you credit though for not buying in to the lie that is SCHIP or to frauds (ie: “Meathead” Reiner) and the lying, thieving politicians that vote for tobacco taxes. “It’s for the children” is just political speak meaning “It’s for my bank account”.

  3. I have sampled both of the cain cigars. I love them!!!! I did not hear any hype until I found them in my local shop (cda pipe and cigar) either. I think it is a very complex and flavor packed stick, I smoke one of these cigars every week and I never get tired of it.

    1. All I can say is that it just wasn’t a great cigar for me. Maybe the smoothness of the Cain Maduro masked the complexity that lay underneath. I did smoke 15+ of these cigars and I still think that 88 points is where this cigar belongs. It is a solid cigar and I can understand why others, like yourself, like it. I just won’t be stockpiling these cigars anytime soon.

  4. I for one hadn’t heard the hype and saw this new cigar in my local for about 6 bucks so I thought I’d give it a try…immediately I’m a HUGE fan. Lacking flavor?! Are you nuts?! Best new cigar out since the Decade in my opinion, and I am trying hard to come up with its equal in the same price point….nope, nothing. This is now in my top 10.

    1. Goody,

      No, I’m not nuts. There are many other options available in a maduro wrapper. And it’s not like I canned this cigar either – I did score it 88 points. It is a solid cigar. And for the Cain F I gave it 90 points.

      My main point about the Cain line was that it is being billed as this incredibly full bodied, full flavored smoke. The Cain F is very good and the Cain Maduro is a solid cigar but they just don’t live up to their billing in my opinion.

      Thanks for the comment.

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    1. No, it's not. I think that if there wasn't this amount of hype surrounding these cigars I would probably enjoy them a little more. From a marketing perspective, the hype is great and I'm sure that there will be a lot of people who love the Cain Maduro and smoke them regularly. However, these are not the greatest things ever.

      Now, the Cain F may be another story (I've smoked a couple and I liked them more than the Maduros) and I haven't smoked any of the Habanos yet and maybe I'll really love those stogies.

      As always, thanks for the comment.